Shift Scheduling Benchmark Data Sets

How to Verify New Solutions for Nurse Rostering Instances

New solutions can be verified using RosterViewer, which is freely available for download. Open the XML problem file in RosterViewer and it should look similar to:
Solutions which are formatted in a tab separated text format such as:
		E	E	D			D
	D	D	D	D			
		D	D	D	L	L	
	L	L	L	L			E
	E	E			E	E	
	E	E	E	D			E
D	D	D	D				
L			E	E	D	L	L
	D	D	D	L			L
D	D				E	E	E
E					D	D	D

can then be pasted straight into the user interface by clicking on the top left cell of the grid showing the assigned shifts and then clicking the paste button. The shift assignments will then appear in the graphical user interface. The bottom right corner displays the total penalty (soft constraints) and whether the solution is feasible (hard constraints) as below:
RosterViewer Feasible and Penalty
Alternatively the solution can be encoded in an XML format and opened directly in RosterViewer (see solution XML format).

We will also verify any new solutions if you wish to email them to us (see contact).